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I”ve had massage with Janine for years. A true professional, brilliant at her job and I always come out feeling fantastic and totally relaxed. Andrew Crewe

Andrew Crewe

Gemuine Massage

Techniques used 'Swedish and No Hands Massage' to manipulate muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin via Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, friction and vibration.

Janine will apply the correct pressure and depth of movements over the contours of the body, dispersing muscular tension to promote relaxation and mobility. Promoting relaxation whilst dispersing muscular tension and aiding mobility. Working towards the heart, increasing blood flow helping to dispel toxins. Using Swedish and No Hands.

Treatment Costs From: 15 Mins - £25.00 / 30 Mins - £37.00 / 45 Mins - £50.00 / 60 Mins - £60.00


Body massage offers multiple benefits, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

For further information on any Therapy/Treatment or to BOOK an appointment

Polite Notice: A 100% fee will incur for non-cancellations and missed appointments, unless 24hrs has been given.

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