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I had heard about electrolysis, but never tried it. I wish I had started the course years ago.

I no longer have unsightly hairs, but instead I see smooth, clean complexion. Sue Moore 

Sue Moore

Still recognised as the ONLY method of PERMANENT hair removal on all hair colour.

Unwanted hair, can be the cause of great embarrassment, anxiety and stress. This treatment is simple with little intrusion.

A treatment and after care plan will take place during the initial consultation.

Questions & Answers

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Consultation £45.

B. Treatment Costs - £2.00 per minute (after consultation).

Q. What causes superfluous hair?

A. Generally, it is due to genetics or race. Other factors are directly associated with the endocrine system which influence change in hair growth. This can occur during the three natural systemic periods in a life time. These are adolescent, pregnancy and menopausal.

Other factors are malfunctioning of hormones, the most common are thyroid and polycystic ovaries (there are many others).

Q. How many treatments will it take before the hair has completely gone?

A. It is very difficult to answer this question, as there are so many factors to consider. (See previous information).

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