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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (Blemish Removal) - Using Electrolysis Machine

For Red Spot, Common Warts, Broken Capillaries, Dermatosis (Papulose Nigra), Moles, Plane Warts, Liver/Age Spots, Seborrhelc Keratosis, Skin Tags,Verrucas, Syringoma and Xanthelasma.

I had a number of large Milia over my face. All completely gone. Absolutely thrilled as have had

them for 25yrs. 



There are many variations of warts. Including plane, common, seborrheic and verrucas. Developing individually or in clusters. All can be easily treated. Seborrhoea keratosis are benign skin lesions which develop as a result of UV damage and skin ageing. Can grow up to three centimetres in diameter, varying in colour and thickness, can also be dry and flaky.

Plane Warts

Have a flat surface usually found on the face, hands, shins and areas of trauma.

Common Warts

Easily recognisable as rough skin, brown in colour papillose with a black pinpoint dot on the surface (they are contagious).

Seborrhoeic Keratosis/Wart

Lesions have a flat warty surface and typically look like they are stuck on skin. Sometimes, small keratin cysts can be seen on the surface (can be black or white in colour). Initially skin coloured and not noticeable, gradually become more prominent and deepen in colour from light to brown or jet black. Usually multiple and occur most commonly on the face and torso later in life.

Verrucas - (Planter Wart)

Found of soles of feet, or toes. Caused by the human papiloma virus (viral infection). Can be raised and vary in size. White with a black dot in the centre. The pressure from standing or walking forces the warts into the skin. Creating pain and discomfort.

Blood Spot

Bright red vascular blemishes which lie under the surface of the skin. Can become dome shaped and raised, most common on the torso. Prevalent in men more than women.

Broken Capillaries - Telanglectasia (Thread Veins)

Tiny blood vessels that run close to the surface of the skin. They look like red or purple wiggly lines.

Dermatosis - (Papulosa Nigra)

Multiple small, 1-5 mm diameter, smooth, black or dark brown blemishes on black skinned people. Lesions occur mainly on cheeks, forehead and neck. Also can be found on back or chest.


Can be flat, raised, smooth or rough. Sometimes have hair growing from them. Moles are usually circular or oval with a smooth feel.

Liver/Age Spots

Flat, tan, brown or black, spots. Vary in size usually found on face, hands, shoulders and arms. Very common in later years. Due to sun exposure or other forms of (UV) light exposure.

Sebaceous Cysts

Common non-cancerous cysts of the skin. Cysts are abnormalities in the body that may contain liquid or semi-liquid matter. Mostly found on face, neck and torso.


1-5mm Domed-shaped, translucent papules, found around eye area. Completely harmless, but can be unpleasing to the eye. Can also be found on face and torso.

Skin Tags - (Fibroepithilial Polyp)

Very common. Sizes vary. Skin coloured papule found usually where friction occurs. Neck, under arms, inner thighs, under breasts and eyelids. Singular or multiple.


Tiny white lumps that lie just beneath the skin can be easily treated with ACP technique.

Questions & Answers

Note: Some blemishes may need a doctors note to proceed with treatment.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Consultation is £40.00. 

B. 1st Treatment £80 - 15 mins (after consultation).  Most blemishes can be treated with ease and take very little time.

C. Booking fee for an essential 4 week follow up  - £20 

Q. What happens during Treatment?

A. The removal and reduction in skin blemishes is achieved by the method of advanced Electrolysis. A tiny probe releases a burst of energy on or into the blemish, cauterising the skin tissue. With fast, effective results.

Gemuine Beauty will advise you of this procedure, step by step treatment technique and aftercare involved. 

Q. Will my blemish return?

A. Each blemish and individual person is unique, therefore discomfort and pain thresholds vary. The majority of blemishes are very quick and easy to treat. Blemishes that may need more than one treatment are verrucas, warts, thread veins and sebaceous cysts.

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Polite Notice: A 100% fee will incur for non-cancellations and missed appointments, unless 24hrs has been given.

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