Treatments & Therapies

Our therapies and treatments are designed to enhance your beauty and help make you feel good, healthy and stress-free.

Contact us to discuss any special requirements that you may have. We are flexible in our approach and can tailor the treatments to suit your needs.

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Facial Treatments

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Acne Treatment

This facial is designed for all who suffer blemished skin.(pustules, commadones) Depending on the severity of blemishes dictates which product range, and facial machines are used to treat the skin. Advice for treatment and home care plan are discussed and put into place.


Course Of 10 Treatments

For more information about a course of therapies and or facials, please contact Janine at Gemuine Beauty. 


Luxury Facial

Clients want their skin to be ‘perfect’ and ‘to look and feel really clean’.

With her knowledge and skills, Janine applies targeted Demilogica products and mechanical modalities, (if needed) to rejuvenate the skin and give it an all-over glow.   


Non-surgical Face Lift

This therapy uses micro-current pulses to lift and tone facial muscles. For maximum benefit Janine advises a course of 10 treatments over a 4-week period, and then monthly from then on.

A one-off treatment is particularly beneficial for a special occasion for that feel good factor. 


Relaxing Facial

The Gemuine Beauty relaxing facial is designed to relax your mind, drain away all the built up tension in your facial, neck and shoulder muscles to ease and reduce the every-day stresses of a busy life.


Small Treatments

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Ear Piercing

Each piercing for the ear lobes only.


Eyebrow Shaping

 Plucking and waxing treatments are used to shape the eyebrows, which has the effect of lifting and opening your eyes to maximize their beauty.


Eyebrow/lash Tinting/Perming

Tinting and perming treatments are used to enhance your eyebrows and eye lashes to give rise to your natural beauty.

A Patch Test is required 48 hours prior to tinting or perming


Special Occasions

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1 Hour Make-up Lesson

Learn how to apply make-up from a blank canvas. Spend an hour with Janine at the Gemuine Beauty studio and learn life skills in how to use make-up brushes and appropriate cosmetic tools to build your confidence.


Bridal/Trial Wedding Day

An hour of a trial make-up session for the big day itself. Look and feel beautiful!


Special Occasion

Look and feel beautiful for your special occasion or big night out. Whether a wedding, anniversary, special birthday or you are off to the ball, the Gemuine Beauty make-up service will bring out the best in you.


Wedding Package

This is the ideal solution for a wedding or any other special occasion where a group of you need to look beautiful for the big day. The service includes manicure and pedicure. 

Janine can come to you. There is a call-out charge, but this saves the hassle of having to come to the salon and a group of you can be made-up at one location. Contact Janine for more details 



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Bikini Line Waxing

Remove unwanted hair from the bikini area just around the line of your underwear.


Brazilian Wax

Personal waxing treatment to remove all hair leaving a landing strip of 1-2 cm width of hair down centre. 

Contact Janine to inquire what the Brazilian wax treatment entails and if it is suited to you.


Californian Wax

Personal waxing treatment to remove all hair other than a neat triangle from frontal view to the pubic bone.



Chest/Back Waxing

Waxing treatment for the removal of unwanted body hair. 


Full Body Waxing

Personal waxing treatment to remove all unwanted bodily hair, including your intimate regions. Contact Janine to discuss this treatment to see if it is suited to you.


Full Legs

  Money well spent. Legs will feel silky smooth make you feel confident with instant leg appeal.


Full Legs & Bikini

This waxing treatment is great value. Legs will feel smooth and silky and you will feel confident to walk out in that little black dress, on the beach and participate in any other sporty life pursuits. 


Half Leg Waxing

Silky smooth treatment for just the bottom part of your legs below the knee. Feel good look good. Reveal those legs!


Hollywood Wax

Personal wax treatment to remove all the hair completely around your bikini area including under side, between and around the gluteus fold.

Contact Janine to find out more about this treatment and if it is suited to you.


Under Arm Waxing

Waxing treatment for the removal of unwanted hair under arms.



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Electrolysis Sessions

Electrolysis has been recognised and highly respected for many years for its

permanent hair removal benefits.

Removal sessions range from 15 minutes to a full 1-hour session, which 
depend on your personal needs.






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No-hands Massage

A deep and relaxing massage to relieve the every-day stresses of life. Please call the salon to discuss this form of massage. 


Swedish Massage

The original Swedish massage is provided in 15-minute sessions. Please ask us about massage for specific areas of concern such as your neck or back.


Manicures & Pedicures

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Basic Manicure

A basic manicure comprises of shaping nails, carry out cuticle work, and polish the nails with a colour of your choice. 


Basic Pedicure

The basic pedicure treatment is to apply balm to feet, soak the feet in a spa, trim the nails, provide cuticle work, apply a foot and leg massage to knee and finally polish the toenails with a colour of your choice.


Deluxe Manicure

The deluxe manicure is as the stanard manicure, plus a paraffin wax mask.


Deluxe Pedicure

The deluxe pedicure is as for the basic pedicure but includes a paraffin wax foot mask.


French Manicure

A French manicure involves (stanard manicure) then apply base coat, a coat of natural pink, a coat of white to tips of nails followed by another coat of natural pink then finally a top coat.


Standard Manicure

The Gemuine Beauty standard manicure comprises shaping, soaking, cuticle work hand and arm massage to elbows. Finally polish nails with a colour of your choice.

Phone Janine today and be amazed at the value for money of this treatment.



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Reflexology Sessions

 Anyone would benefit a reflexology session. One treatment takes upto an hour. 

 Please contact Janine to find out more about reflexology.


Advanced Cosmetics Procedures

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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Please see Electrolysis. Thank you


Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

is used for removal of skin blemishes.
Blood Spots              Liver/Age Spots
Mole Reduction         Common Warts
Skin Tags                  Sebaceous Cysts
Syringoma                 Milia
Verruccas                  Plane Warts

plus more....


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